Sunday, 30 November 2014

Heart necklace giveaway winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in the polymer clay heart necklace giveaway. It was a huge success and it was lovely to see so many people enter. The winners have been chosen at random from  'random name picker' a miniwebtool and the winners are:

Caitlin Smart
Mary Somerville
Perihan I
Mirjana Ivenisevic
Kiersten F

Congratulations to the winners, I will message you shortly with your good news and I will get the necklaces mailed to you as soon as I can. 

Thank you again to everyone who took part :)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Miniature dollhouse snowman sculptures

Just thought I'd share some miniature snowmen with you. I love to make little snowmen surrounded by roses as it gives the little sculptures a real shabby chic look. The only trouble is it's really hard to pick a favourite. The little snowmen will be available to buy in my etsy shop from this evening. They are all hand sculpted from polymer clay and each one is unique in that it will not be repeated. They each measure approx 1 & 1/2 inches (3.8cm) tall. They make cute additions to add to the winter dollhouse.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas gift blog giveaway

Christmas is literally just around the corner and It's time to start getting all those presents for friends and family organised. Christmas shopping is something I always leave until the last minute and every year I regret leaving it so late and vow to change my ways the following year. However when Christmas rolls around again the following year all those vows have long since disappeared and again I leave it to last minute panic stricken buying, tut tut! 

Hopefully you folks are a lot more organised than I am and have started your shopping already. If you're still looking for some presents then hopefully I can help. For my next blog giveaway I have decided to do something different. Instead of a miniature dollhouse accessory I have decided to giveaway something else that I love to make, necklaces. 

I have made 5 rose heart necklaces so this time there will be five winners. The necklaces have been hand sculpted from polymer clay and the pendant hangs from a satin cord necklace. Each necklace will arrive in it's own little gift box ready to wrap and pop under the tree for your loved one.

If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning one of the necklaces then there are two simple rules to follow. 

1. Start following this blog.
2. Leave a message in the comments section saying you'd like to be included in the giveaway.

It will be pot luck as to which necklace you get but it will be one of the 5 in the photo above. The draw for the entrants will be drawn at 8.00pm GMT on Sunday 30th November 2014. Once the winners have been announced I will notify them via message and will require an address to send the necklace to. I wish you all the best of luck if you decide to enter and if you're not lucky enough to win this time then there will be lots more necklaces in a wide range of colours in my etsy shop.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

1:48 scale miniature rabbit dolls

Autumn is in full swing now with the cold long nights finally here. Christmas is hurtling towards us and usually I'd be busy making Christmas miniatures for the dollhouse. Instead of totally focusing all of my miniatures around Christmas I wanted to create items that could be used all year round. My latest creations are some 1:48 scale miniature rabbit dolls which you can see below in the photo.

They are all hand sculpted from polymer clay and decorated with acrylic paints. They will be available to buy tonight in my etsy shop. Soon I will be making a lot more dolls and furniture and accessories to go with the dolls. I'm also going to build some scenery sets for the little dolls and will keep you posted on the progress.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Winner of fairy/witch village cake topper set - Janet Crayton

The winner of the fairy/witch house cake topper set is Janet Crayton. Well done Janet! I'll be sending you a message to confirm you are the winner and will be posting the cake topper set out to you very soon.

Thank you so much to all who entered and for your wonderful and generous compliments on my work. That alone makes the giveaway worthwhile to me so thank you again. 😄

I will be doing another giveaway very soon but with a Christmas theme. I'll post more details about it here in a few weeks time. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Halloween witch fairy house cake topper set giveaway

I've decided it's time for another giveaway! One of my most popular items in my etsy shop are the miniature fairy house cake toppers that I make from polymer clay. I have made so many different colour combinations and I often have difficulty keeping them stocked up as they are so popular. In the photo above you will see a set of 8 miniature witch/fairy houses and 5 little toadstool decorations to go with the houses which will form the prize for the giveaway (cake not included). I placed them on a plain green round cake to demonstrate how they can be used however, you can let your imaginations run wild and add all sorts of things to your cake to go with the houses and bring your cake to life. They would make a great talking point when placed on the cake at a Halloween/fairy party and the houses can even be used to fill party favour bags at the end of the party. Or you can pack them away and use them year after year as they are made from polymer clay and won't spoil (please note polymer clay is inedible).

To take part in this giveaway all you need to do is follow this blog and the add a comment below to say you are entering the giveaway. At 8pm GMT on Sunday 28th September 2014 the computer will randomly select the winner of the giveaway and I will post the details here and also message the winner to let them know. 

Good luck everyone 😄

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pink Christmas Santa Claus

It's been a while since I last posted so I thought it was time to share my latest creation. Here is a pink Santa Claus hand made from polymer clay with little lilac roses. It is a bit larger than the items I usually make. This sculpture stands at 3 & 1/2 inches tall (8.9cm). The Santa Claus would make a great ornament for a shelf or cabinet. He has had a light dusting of shimmering mica powder so that he sparkles when he catches the light. He is currently listed in my etsy shop

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pumpkin fairy homes

I've been taking a bit of a rest lately and have not been making as many miniatures as usual. I thought I'd get my rest during the lovely hot summer before the rush of Autumn, Halloween and Christmas orders arrive. I've spent my time off on holiday in the gorgeous county of Dorset in southern England and also in lovely picturesque North Devon. Devon and Dorset are my favourite counties and every time I visit each one I start dreaming about buying a romantic country cottage with a thatched roof, huge gardens and views of the rolling hills in the countryside. Reality soon creeps back as I begin my journey home on the M5 towards the Midlands. Why is the journey on the M5 always so torturous? It seems to go on forever and there are always hold ups of some kind extending the travelling time. Anyway apart from the M5 I had two fantastic trips away and I'm now feeling totally refreshed and happy and can't wait to get back to my sculpting.

Shortly before my holiday I created some new fairy houses (see photo above). These fairy houses are a little different to the ones I usually have listed in my Etsy shop The new ones are miniature pumpkin fairy houses and are decorated with tiny roses, leaves and toadstools. They can be used as gifts, ornaments, cake toppers or can be used in terrariums and are perfect for the coming Fall/Autumn season.

I have also started listing new miniature dollhouse items on ebay again and hope to have many more items listed over the next few weeks. To visit please click the link

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Jaqueline Dunn miniature artist, a very sad loss.

This morning I was looking through ebay at all the wonderful miniature dollhouse items available there. I often love to browse through the dollhouse items on ebay and see what ideas other artists have come up with so that I can pin them to pinterest and hopefully gain them some exposure. This morning I noticed I hadn't seen much work recently from the wonderful miniaturist Jaqueline Dunn of a-wee-ooak. I assumed that maybe she was on holiday or taking a break from miniatures perhaps.

Later on I was looking through pinterest when I noticed someone had pinned one of Jaqueline's miniatures. I clicked on the image and was taken to her deviant art page What I read came as a total shock! Sadly Jaqueline Dunn passed away on the 5th May 2014 aged just 48 years old. Although I didn't know Jaqueline personally, I feel deeply saddened by this news and felt compelled to write on this blog about her. She was an incredibly gifted miniaturist creating exquisite miniature pieces of art. Her sculpting was flawless and the detail so intricate. Her work was simply breathtaking! Please take a look at her Deviant Art page (see link above) to see the beautiful pieces she has created. Below is a picture of one of Jaqueline's miniatures from the Deviant Art site. The unicorn is tiny yet so detailed and perfectly proportioned.
 I could go on adding her photos here all day. Choosing a favourite is so very difficult but I eventually decided on the unicorn. I only hope that one day my sculpting gets to be half as good as Jaqueline's, I am in total awe of her.

Jaqueline's Deviant Art page says that Jaqueline lost her battle to cancer. I pray that she is somewhere beyond the clouds continuing to make her beautiful miniature art.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lazy days

I had all the best intentions in the world to knuckle down on Friday evening and get creating with the polymer clay. I always start the day off so full of ideas and imagine what I'll be able to create later on in the day. My day at my regular job crept on and I eventually got home at around 3pm and then I had my 4 year old daughter to entertain, feed, bath and put to bed before I could start.

So by the time 8.30pm finally crept around I found myself sat on the sofa allowing myself a 15 minute break before hitting the clay. 15 minutes turned into 30 minutes and before I knew it I had sat through an eviction episode of Big Brother and 2 episodes of Fargo I'd been meaning to catch up with. Tut tut!!!! Well there went my evening of so called hard work. Does anyone else do this and sneakily let themselves off from a night of home work?

I did feel guilty. I'd often sneak a look at the clock and think 'I really oughtta be working'. Sigh! Anyway during the week I did manage to get another couple of miniature pumpkins finished. I think I'm going to build up my stock of Halloween items early this year so that I don't have to rush to make them in the next couple of months.  And the way that the TV seems to have a hold of me of late this can only be a sensible thing to do.

I have several miniature pumpkins on auction on ebay at the moment. You can find several of the ones in the photo above here all the auctions end tonight.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Halloween dollhouse miniatures

Today the weather is lovely and sunny and it is very hot outside. After I have typed this post I'm going to go out into the garden and enjoy some planting and get my hands muddy. I love being in the garden so much at this time of year. I love how quickly everything grows and the striking colour from the pretty flowers, the fresh scent of newly mowed lawn, watching as my cats roll around lazily in the sunshine. I could sit and watch the butterflies and insects buzzing around for hours, it's so relaxing. So being in the midst of summer it is quite hard to turn my attention ahead towards Autumn and Halloween. However that is what I have done and I have made these little Halloween cuties (pictured above) ready and painted for the dollhouse. The size will suit a 1:12 scale dollhouse. I absolutely adore making little pumpkins with faces. When I begin sculpting the faces they seem to choose their own personalities which comes through in their facial expression. It's almost like I have no control over them and they just morph in front of my eyes. My favourite out of these little guys is the one on the far left of the picture, he just looks so grumpy lol. I'm going to be making many more of these over the next few months as well as many more Halloween themed items. I find Halloween gives me so much inspiration. Anyway that sunshine is calling me so I'm off out to find my trowel. Catch up with you all soon :)

You can find the above miniatures in my etsy shop

Monday, 5 May 2014

Pumpkin fairy village

Just a quick post to show my latest little fairy pumpkin village. I think it looks so cute with the tiny pumpkins sat amongst the flowers and toadstools. I'm going to be making a few more of these too with different variations of colours, size...etc. They would look great in a terrarium.

Halloween trees and pumpkins

Wow the time has flown so quickly since I lasted posted on my blog. I think the last time I posted was about my early start on Easter miniature dollhouse items back in January. Well that only seems like only 5 minutes ago, however here we are at the start of May hurtling into the summer months. It probably seems a bit early to some people but I have decided to start early on my Halloween themed miniature items so that I can build a good stock pile of them ready for the Autumn months. I'm never usually this organised but I thought I'd give it a try and see how it goes. In the picture above you can see my latest Halloween miniature items that I'm currently in the middle of creating. I adore making pumpkins and will be making many of these cute little fellows. The pumpkins and the trees in the picture are unfinished, they have yet to be painted and any accessories added to them but you can get the general idea of where I am going with them. When they are finished I will post again to show the finished photos.  

Friday, 21 February 2014

White rabbit miniatures

Well finally the sun has managed to shine through the deep grey skies over the last few days and it really feels like Spring is just around the corner. The crocuses, snowdrops and daffodils are pushing through the ground now and the evenings are staying lighter for longer. Hopefully we are now past the sodden weather we have had over the last few weeks which has left so many homes under water here in the UK. My heart goes out to the people who have lost everything in the storms in the Southern counties. Hopefully the sun will start to dry the flood waters soon and people will be able to start rebuilding their homes again.

I can't believe it's already been a few weeks since I last posted on my blog, the time just seems to have flown by. I have been busy making many miniatures for Easter with lots of lovely soft pastel colours. I'm also very inspired by Alice in Wonderland at the moment, especially the white rabbit and have been making lots of white rabbit sculptures with my own more simplistic interpretation. I've added my signature roses to the pieces and a few cute red hearts too. I would love to know what you think of them. 2 of the white rabbit sculptures above can be found on my ebay site along with 2 miniature 1:48 scale polymer clay settees. Well, gotta dash but I hope to be back here soon with another post :)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Spring miniatures

These are my latest Spring miniatures for the dollhouse. The little mirror is my favourite as I just love the colour combination of the flowers and the leaves. There is a real fairy like feel to the mirror. I have listed these items on ebay for auction and you can view them here:
Good luck with the auctions if you decide to bid :)

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Miniature white rabbit teapots

Well the rain is back so there's not much to do other than to stay indoors so I decided to work on some more polymer clay miniature items. I made some cute little white rabbit teapots. The teapots are all in miniature and range in size from 3/4 of an inch (1.9cm) tall to 1 & 1/4 inches (3.1cm) tall. I'm enjoying sculpting rabbits so much at the moment and will be making some larger sized ones to put on some Easter treat boxes in the next couple of months.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Alice in Wonderland Queens guards

I love the film Alice in Wonderland (the old cartoon version) and love all the wonderful characters there are in that film. I get to watch this film a lot as my 4 year old daughter loves it too. The Queen of Hearts guards pictured above are my interpretation from the film. I made these guards for a customer 2 years ago and decided to make them again but with some alterations. I love how serious they look and their helmets look kind of ancient Roman style. The guards each measure just 1 & 1/2 inches tall so would be great for a 1:48 scale project. The materials used for this project were polymer clay, mount board, florist wire and acrylic paint for the fine detailing. Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of them. I will be putting them on ebay tonight and will pop back here with a link to the page once they have been listed.

Ok they're listed and the link is here:

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Easter miniatures for 2014

The first day of 2014 is here. I was hoping to be able to go for a lovely long stroll in the cold winter sunshine and walk off some of those over indulgences of the last couple of weeks. However there is no lovely winter sunshine today but dark grey skies, gale force winds and horizontal heavy rain outside which kind of puts me off venturing outside. Hopefully the weather will pick up for the weekend and I'll get my stroll then.

Today I have decided to work on my miniatures instead while listening to Birdsong! By Birdsong I mean the channel Birdsong that you get on digital radio stations. If you close your eyes when listening to this you can totally imagine you are back in the middle of summer in a meadow somewhere. This channel completely chills me out and if I'm feeling a little stressed it really helps. Does anyone else like this channel or even know about it, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Anyway back to the miniatures. In the photo above you will see my latest Easter items I have made over the last couple of days. I have listed them in my Etsy shop today so take a peek if you're interested. I relly love making little white bunny rabbits (as you can probably tell) and have added them to teapots to give them a cutesy look. I'm going to be making many more over the coming weeks and will have white rabbit wreaths, more teapots, shelving..etc. I think Easter is my favourite time to sculpt for as I feel so inspired by Spring (I'm sure I've said in the past that Halloween was my favourite time, or was it Christmas? Anyway now it's Spring). Anyway the weather is still miserable outside so I'm going to head off back to my desk and create some more miniature wonders. I hope where ever you are you are having better weather than me and are getting out and enjoying the fresh air.