Saturday, 5 July 2014

Jaqueline Dunn miniature artist, a very sad loss.

This morning I was looking through ebay at all the wonderful miniature dollhouse items available there. I often love to browse through the dollhouse items on ebay and see what ideas other artists have come up with so that I can pin them to pinterest and hopefully gain them some exposure. This morning I noticed I hadn't seen much work recently from the wonderful miniaturist Jaqueline Dunn of a-wee-ooak. I assumed that maybe she was on holiday or taking a break from miniatures perhaps.

Later on I was looking through pinterest when I noticed someone had pinned one of Jaqueline's miniatures. I clicked on the image and was taken to her deviant art page What I read came as a total shock! Sadly Jaqueline Dunn passed away on the 5th May 2014 aged just 48 years old. Although I didn't know Jaqueline personally, I feel deeply saddened by this news and felt compelled to write on this blog about her. She was an incredibly gifted miniaturist creating exquisite miniature pieces of art. Her sculpting was flawless and the detail so intricate. Her work was simply breathtaking! Please take a look at her Deviant Art page (see link above) to see the beautiful pieces she has created. Below is a picture of one of Jaqueline's miniatures from the Deviant Art site. The unicorn is tiny yet so detailed and perfectly proportioned.
 I could go on adding her photos here all day. Choosing a favourite is so very difficult but I eventually decided on the unicorn. I only hope that one day my sculpting gets to be half as good as Jaqueline's, I am in total awe of her.

Jaqueline's Deviant Art page says that Jaqueline lost her battle to cancer. I pray that she is somewhere beyond the clouds continuing to make her beautiful miniature art.