Monday, 18 March 2013

1/12 scale dollhouse shabby chic rose shelf cabinet

Here is my first full piece of 1/12 scale furniture hand made from mount board and decorated with polymer clay roses. If there was ever anything that I was addicted to making it's polymer clay roses and I add them to just about everything I make. The roses on this cabinet give it a lovely summery country cottage feel. The shelf cabinet has been painted in cream acrylic paint and then the edges have been lightly brushed with gold effect paint for extra effect. I think the finished piece looks lovely and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. That's the trouble with starting a piece of work, you just never know which ones are going to work out well or end up in the bin. Thankfully this one didn't end up in the bin. It will be put up for auction tomorrow evening (Tuesday 19th March) on ebay (seller:fizzyclaret).
Not only am I addicted to making roses but teapots too. Here I have combined the two and you can see these new teapots in my etsy shop

Saturday, 9 March 2013

1/4 scale pale pink rose shabby chic dollhouse furniture

My first set of 1/4 scale mount board furniture in the peach and cream colours was quite a success on ebay so I decided to make some more but with a more romantic feel to it. This latest set is hand painted in the palest pink acrylic paint and has a lovely pink rose design on the front doors. I have added deep gold acrylic paint to the very edges of the doors and the corners to give it an aged look so that it fits in perfectly with the shabby chic theme. The items that you can see in the above picture will be up for auction on ebay from this evening (seller:fizzyclaret) and will finish next Saturday evening(16th March).

Thursday, 7 March 2013

1/12 scale dollhouse shabby chic rose shelf

I have been busy making mount board furniture again but this time I tried it in 1/12 scale. I love making shelves (as you can see) so I tried to make a couple of different varieties. My favourite is the lilac shelf (bottom photo) with the white roses. This would look great as part of a shabby chic themed 1/12 scale cottage or house. I sculpted the roses from polymer clay and then painted some white rose detailing into the corners of the shelf unit. To give it that final shabby chic feel I gently brushed the corners and edges with dark gold paint so that it faintly shimmers when it catches the light. The whole unit has then been sprayed with a matt finish sealant for durability.

The other 1/12 scale shelf unit I created (top photo) is a very extravagant piece with lots of hand sculpted roses. This item would look great as part of a wedding shop, cake shop, perfume shop...etc or you could have it as an extravagant display in your dollhouse. I also made a couple more miniature Easter items (middle photo) and all of these items can be found on ebay (seller:fizzyclaret). The auctions will end on Saturday 9th March and Sunday 9th March around 7pm ish UK time.