Monday, 18 March 2013

1/12 scale dollhouse shabby chic rose shelf cabinet

Here is my first full piece of 1/12 scale furniture hand made from mount board and decorated with polymer clay roses. If there was ever anything that I was addicted to making it's polymer clay roses and I add them to just about everything I make. The roses on this cabinet give it a lovely summery country cottage feel. The shelf cabinet has been painted in cream acrylic paint and then the edges have been lightly brushed with gold effect paint for extra effect. I think the finished piece looks lovely and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. That's the trouble with starting a piece of work, you just never know which ones are going to work out well or end up in the bin. Thankfully this one didn't end up in the bin. It will be put up for auction tomorrow evening (Tuesday 19th March) on ebay (seller:fizzyclaret).
Not only am I addicted to making roses but teapots too. Here I have combined the two and you can see these new teapots in my etsy shop