Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Miniature snowmen for 1:48 scale dollhouse

I always seem to be thinking too far ahead. As soon as Autumn first appears already I am thinking ahead to the colder months and Christmas time hence making these cute little snowmen. Once I made one I just couldn't stop and made several. I have added my signature mini clay roses to the snowmen (apart from the grumpy looking one) just to give them a unique and colourful look. All are available from my Etsy shop (just click the craftcult link at the right of the page to be taken to my etsy shop).

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Autumn miniature polymer clay dollhouse items

Well the weather has certainly taken a cold turn, it is feeling so much cooler lately so Autumn has definitely arrived. I was hoping we'd have some late summer/early Autumn warm sunshine but it doesn't seem likely at the moment. Nevermind, instead I have been keeping warm indoors and getting my Autumn miniatures made. I've got a bit behind with my miniature making due to two holidays I've been lucky enough to go on recently. With all the preparation for the holidays and actually being away my miniatures have been far and few between. Well it is back to work now and I'm hoping to devote more time than ever to making some more miniatures and also getting my Christmas items ready. In the photo above you'll see my latest creations handmade from polymer clay. There are a few little pumpkins, a pumpkin candy display, a black cat teapot and a tree man (who isn't quite finished yet but will have a lovely head of leaves added to the top). I will be putting some of these items up for auction on my ebay site later today (just look for the seller:fizzyclaret to find them). My favourite item here is the tree man (even if he is only half finished) as he looks so grumpy. I'm going to make a few more trees to keep him company I think.