Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lazy days

I had all the best intentions in the world to knuckle down on Friday evening and get creating with the polymer clay. I always start the day off so full of ideas and imagine what I'll be able to create later on in the day. My day at my regular job crept on and I eventually got home at around 3pm and then I had my 4 year old daughter to entertain, feed, bath and put to bed before I could start.

So by the time 8.30pm finally crept around I found myself sat on the sofa allowing myself a 15 minute break before hitting the clay. 15 minutes turned into 30 minutes and before I knew it I had sat through an eviction episode of Big Brother and 2 episodes of Fargo I'd been meaning to catch up with. Tut tut!!!! Well there went my evening of so called hard work. Does anyone else do this and sneakily let themselves off from a night of home work?

I did feel guilty. I'd often sneak a look at the clock and think 'I really oughtta be working'. Sigh! Anyway during the week I did manage to get another couple of miniature pumpkins finished. I think I'm going to build up my stock of Halloween items early this year so that I don't have to rush to make them in the next couple of months.  And the way that the TV seems to have a hold of me of late this can only be a sensible thing to do.

I have several miniature pumpkins on auction on ebay at the moment. You can find several of the ones in the photo above here all the auctions end tonight.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Halloween dollhouse miniatures

Today the weather is lovely and sunny and it is very hot outside. After I have typed this post I'm going to go out into the garden and enjoy some planting and get my hands muddy. I love being in the garden so much at this time of year. I love how quickly everything grows and the striking colour from the pretty flowers, the fresh scent of newly mowed lawn, watching as my cats roll around lazily in the sunshine. I could sit and watch the butterflies and insects buzzing around for hours, it's so relaxing. So being in the midst of summer it is quite hard to turn my attention ahead towards Autumn and Halloween. However that is what I have done and I have made these little Halloween cuties (pictured above) ready and painted for the dollhouse. The size will suit a 1:12 scale dollhouse. I absolutely adore making little pumpkins with faces. When I begin sculpting the faces they seem to choose their own personalities which comes through in their facial expression. It's almost like I have no control over them and they just morph in front of my eyes. My favourite out of these little guys is the one on the far left of the picture, he just looks so grumpy lol. I'm going to be making many more of these over the next few months as well as many more Halloween themed items. I find Halloween gives me so much inspiration. Anyway that sunshine is calling me so I'm off out to find my trowel. Catch up with you all soon :)

You can find the above miniatures in my etsy shop