Wednesday, 20 February 2013

1/4 scale dollhouse peaches and cream furniture

This is my first ever attempt at making mount board furniture. For my first piece I decided to create a lovely shabby chic style peaches and cream coloured shelf unit for a 1/4 scale dollhouse. The unit measures 2 inches tall (to the top of the flowers), 7/8ths of an inch in width and just under 1/2 of an inch in depth. The tiny teapots measure 5/16ths of an inch in height. It took me quite a while to create and I ended up with 2 blisters on my hands (I must get a more comfortable craft knife) from all the cardboard cutting. I think it turned out quite pretty for a first attempt and I am going to be creating some more intricate pieces now as I have lots of new ideas. This shelf unit will be for sale on my ebay site (seller:fizzyclaret) from tomorrow evening and the miniature teapots and flowers will be included. I'm also considering doing a one off piece of 1/4 scale furniture as a give away within the next couple of months so if you're interested in being entered for the draw then please leave a comment. As soon as I have a piece ready then I'll post the photos here. Catch up soon :)