Thursday, 11 April 2013

1/24 scale cottage chic shelf unit

Here is my first 1/24 scale mount board cottage chic shelf unit. I mixed a tiny bit of pale pink with lots of white paint to give a very soft pink glow to the shelves and then added darker pink polymer clay roses to the sides for the final finishing touch. I've made so many different shelves lately that I think it's now time to move onto creating something different for the dollhouse. This shelf is currently for sale in my etsy shop:
As it's finally warming up weather wise and is beginning to feel a little more like Spring I have been out and about gathering bits and bobs from walks in the countryside with my three year old little girl. I want to incorporate my finds into my next project. I'm going to be creating some fairy style furniture and want lots of natural elements included such as twigs, dried moss, wood, dried flowers...etc to give the furniture a more natural feel. I'll also be using polymer clay to create tiny toadstools and colourful leaf canes to add to the miniature furniture to give it a more vibrant look. I'll keep you posted on how it goes :)