Thursday, 31 January 2013

More shabby chic miniature dollhouse accessories and dolls

Here are some of my newest creations for the dollhouse. The first photo shows two teapots and a hat box in lovely soft pastel colours which would look great for Spring in the dollhouse. The second photo shows two 1/4 scale rabbit dolls. My inspiration for the rabbit dolls comes from childrens fairytales and Sylvanian family dollhouses which I think are just adorable. My daughter turned 3 years old just before Christmas and I bought her a starter Sylvanian dollhouse with a few dolls and furniture which she absolutely loved. The thing is I end up playing around with it more than her as it's just so cute, though the way things are going I don't think it will last long as she's so careless with the pieces and items are already getting lost or broken. I thought I'd make my own smaller scale dolls for a 1/4 scale dollhouse and change the design a little but they are still just as sweet as the Sylvanian dolls. I have put the dolls and several other new creations up for auction on my ebay account (ebay/fizzyclaret) to start tonight. Don't miss out!